Just one of the many things alt-text has revealed.

Alt-text and "title text" in the Oglaf comic frequently serves as an extra joke or commentary for close readers. HTML allows for several ways of associating a short text with an image, and Oglaf uses two of these: the alt attribute (intended for when an image cannot be displayed) and the title attribute (which many browsers display when the mouse hovers over an image). Depending on the browser used, these texts may only be visible through the use of "view html source" or similar tools.

The title text and the alt text are unrelated to each other in most comics, and multi page episodes have one alt and one title text per page. Comics with an epilogue also have additional alt-text. Some comics also have a mouse-over text for the comic's title. The first comic where the title alt text differs from the one of the picture Oglafs debut in "Suddenly...".