Banthram are beasts, possibly Magical in nature. They are taller than a man, bipedal, with no upper limbs, and a long tail. Covered in orange fur and having a mouth capable of ingesting a grown Human in a single bite, banthram are fierce carnivores that appear to be quite intelligent. We have only seen a single individual of the species, but the strip 'Rift Of Despair' the adventurer Umbra Wynterdarque speaks of them as a species, not individuals and it can be inferred that they co-operate to take on larger or more numerous/powerful prey. In the eponymous strip. it's clear banthram can speak the Common Tongue, and at some time in the past, this particular one attacked a Sorcerer, who cursed it, so that it may only eat things that kiss it first. At the time of the cursing, the banthram was quite vexed, but it has sufficient intelligence to have circumvented the specific wording involved. Taking advantage of the fact that adventurers are vulnerable to narrative tropes, it tricks it's victims with the old 'I am under a curse. A kiss will free me.' line, telling the absolute truth. The curse, then being lifted, leaves the banthram free to consume it's foolish prey.