Title Battledress
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date August 31, 2014
Tower of Assumptions
Battledress, is a single-page Oglaf story.



The adventurers return in sexier clothing.

A group of adventurers attempts to enter a dungeon, but are turned away by it's Stone Golem doormonster, because they are not dressed sexily enough. The adventurers return in sexier clothing and are welcomed to enter The Tumescent Necropolis. The party fights their way through the dungeon in increasingly fetishized outfits as time goes on. The fighter then tries to think back to the old days before they solved all their problems by "murderfucking".

Location Edit

The Tumescent Necropolis is a 'Sexy' Dungeon. It's main entrance is guarded by a Stone Golem.

A Dungeon is, in Classic Tabletop Roleplaying Games, a self-sustaining/magically replenishing complex, generally (but by no means exclusively) underground. It is unknown how many such Dungeons exist in the world/universe of Oglaf, but it can be infered there are many, due to the presence of a large population of Adventurers. Presumably, most are of the 'non-sexy' type, as the party in this strip are initially taken aback by the door-warden's revelations.


In some Traditional Role Playing Games, at the start of play one doesn't have much equipment or experience, and so players need to find creative ways of progressing and surviving. As the story progresses and PCs grow more puissant, it becomes possible to defeat each encounter directly, paradoxically making the game less challenging and less interesting, but only if you have a lousy DM, or unimaginative Players. The characters here have seem to be in a similar situation; they have found the constant repetition of sex and death tedious. Such is the fate of all Murderhoboes.


"I'm in it for the experience"
"An adventure for characters NC-17 and above"