• VonSmykal

    speaking to the void

    February 1, 2019 by VonSmykal

    long time Oglaf reader, I finally decided to join the wiki i did some edits, created a couple pages, tried in general to be useful to the community. speaking to that, "Community - is there one? if you're seeing this anytime around the beginning of February, 2019, drop me a line. if you're reading this a year or two after? hit me up anyhow. if you live in or around NYC, and would consider the existence of a tabletop Roleplaying game group that meets once or twice a month running a traditional style dice and paper RPG, set in the Oglaf-verse, I'd be VERY INTERESTED IN RUNNING ONE. YEAH, seriously. Grown-ups only, naturally, but no RPG experience needed. I will notbe using the two newest versions of 'that big Game', unless some very specific ci…

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