Blue Door
Title Blue Door
Pages 2
Rating A little swearing
Simon the Wanderer

Blue Door is an Oglaf story that features Ivan, a door, a hat stand and a woman doing the laundry.



The door embarks on a new career.

While heading back to his cell, Ivan encounters a talking door. The door tries to temp Ivan into looking behind it. Ivan, seeing the door as just another trap in the castle, ignores the door and continues back to his cell.

Later, the door visits Ivan and attempts to lure him again, but is rebuffed by Ivan. Fearing the Mistress's retribution, the door confers with an enchanted hatstand, who recommends the door leave the castle. The door leaves and begins a new career as "The Forbidden Raft".

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When the authors got asked on their Twitter account what the meaning of the title "Blue Door" was, they answered: "Blue Door" is from Bluebeard's room - a forbidden room.. In the story of Bluebeard, his latest wife was told never to open a particular door while he was away at sea - she eventually does, only to discover the corpses of his previous wives, Bluebeard having murdered them.


Blue Door