Captain cockstink

Captain Cockstink at the moment of the granting of his new name by an Appellomancer.

Captain Cockstink is a young man shown attempting to woo Princess Fatherfucker in the single-page comic Branding.

Though his name at the beginning of the comic is never revealed, he is renamed "Captain Cockstink" by an Appellomancer, or name wizard, after stating "Appellomancers, fuck 'em," in an effort to reassure Princess Fatherfucker that he does not care about her own Appellomancer-granted name or the implication that she had a sexual relationship with her father due to the name.

It is not fully revealed if his genitals did in fact gain an unpleasant odor due to the power of the Appellomancer or if it is simply perceived as such due to the new name, but Princess Fatherfucker does state "wash your filthy cock.  Have some pride" after the granting of the new name.


Captain Cockstink is shown wearing a simple short-sleeved shirt with a long-sleeved shirt under it that has some kind of turtleneck.  The overshirt comes down low enough so that he can wear a belt over it.

He has medium-length red hair worn scruffy and slightly unkempt and has freckles or perhaps light acne on his cheeks.