Cosmetic sorcerer
Name Unknown
Gender Male
First appearance Perfect Buttocks Now!

A surprised reaction as the abomination escapes.

The Cosmetic sorcerer is a minor character who appears in the stories Perfect Buttocks Now!, and Gussy up!. He is a tall and thin character with a strong cleft chin who wears a skull cap with three horns, and a long tunic that is open to expose a a well developed six-pack. He has a large bulge in his trousers, evidence of a supernaturally large cock. He runs the magical boutique "Personagé [Magically Exquisite]" which offers to use sorcery to enhance the bodies of its clients. He can give you tits that express soy milk, or a screw on cock, for example.

But cosmetic sorcery seems to be a developing art, and was resposible for the so-called Entvale catastrophe. And when it goes wrong you might turn a man into a penis monster: one can be seen in Perfect Buttocks Now!. In Gussy up! he is trying to sell parasitic tits that feed off your blood, to a sceptical public.

There are other cosmetic sorcerers in the Oglaf universe, one of which runs a shop "Cock in a Box", that is in competition with Personagé.

About the Cosmetic SorererEdit


He has never been seen in any relationship except as a salesman. It is possible that his magically enhanced body would disintegrate if engaged in real sex.

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