The first Cumsprite that Ivan sees, from Cumsprite.

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The creation of a Cumsprite made from Ivan's semen.

Cumsprite is a creature that is created out of Ivan's semen when he ejaculates. The Mistress' put an enchantment on his semen, just before she forbid him to masturbate so that the cumsprites would tell her if he broke the forbiddance. They appeared for the first time in the very first Oglaf story Cumsprite.

Cumsprites will go to great lengths to complete their mission even running all the way from the castle where Ivan was imprisoned in Rapunzel in order to tell on him. A fact which Ivan used to his advantage, sending so many that the Mistress eventually relented and paid the ransom because they got so annoying.

Cumsprites are sometimes rewarded for tattling on Ivan by being allowed by the Mistress to commit Bukkake. As seen in Two Reports it is not required that the Mistress be the recipient of it though.

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