Devil Bear
A Devil Bear from Ulric the Just

First appearance

Ulric the Just

A Devil Bear is a kind of bear that appears in Oglaf. Devil bears have only been featured in one story, Ulric the Just.

About Devil BearsEdit


Devil Bears look like bears, but with orange eyes resembling burning coals with smoke or some kind of gas eminating from them. It should be noted that in the first frame of Ulric the Just a Devil Bear is walking on only it is hind legs and carrying a human body with its forelegs. It is not known if Devil Bears always walk on only their hind legs or if this one only does it because it is carrying something with the other legs.


Ulric implies in Ulric the Just that one Devil Bear would be another Devil Bear's wife. If Ulric is correct this means that Devil Bears live in marriages.


Not much is known about Devil Bear's sexuality. But it might be possible that the male Devil Bear in Ulric the Just kidnapped a human woman because of sexual desire. That would mean that Devil Bear can feel sexual affection for human beings which means that zoophilia exists among Devil Bears.

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