A Djinn being summoned by Simon in Simon the Wanderer





First appearance

Simon the Wanderer

A Djinn is a kind of creature that appears in the story Simon the Wanderer and has the ability to grant wishes. It is not known if it is the only Djinn in the Oglaf universe or if there are more of his kind.

About DjinnsEdit


The Djinn from Simon the Wanderer has bright red skin and dark brown hair and beard. He has a penis but no legs, instead there is bright orange smoke where the legs would have been. He is wearing jewelery, like bracelets and earrings.


True to the mythological tradition, Djinns seem to live in lamps.


Since only one Djinn has appeared in the comics yet, it is not known if this is representative for all Djinns, but the Djinn in Simon the Wanderer does seem to have strong sexual urges. From the fact that he tries to threaten Simon to suck his cock we can interpret that the Djinn is homosexual or at least does not have any issue with homosexual intercourse and that he either is is very horny and doesn't mind having a dominating role, or actually enjoys the domination, in sexual contexts.

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