Doomsayers of the Blind Gibberer

The Doomsayers of the Blind Gibberer are a cult in the Oglaf universe who follow the deceased god Sithrak, whom they believe hates all humanity unconditionally.


The Doomsayers are members of a cult, and do cult stuff: they knock on stranger's doors and implore them to worship Sithrak, "the Blind Gibberer." According to them, the general tenor of Sithrak's teachings is lack of moral accountability:

  • One advantage of believing in Sithrak is the fact that nothing you do in this life, evil or good, will alter your fate in the afterlife. Sithrak tortures everyone there indifferently.
  • They also believe that your horrible life may be due to your being a ghost without knowing; all the bad stuff that has befallen you is due to Sithrak's curse, rather than being the result of your own bad decisions.

They also spread the message on the battlefield, imploring the combatants to maim rather than kill each other, because death brings only endless torment at the hands of Sithrak. These teachings were revealed in Sithrak's Book of Dismay, which Sithrak now dismisses as "teen poetry".