Doppelbanger (right) consoles Pity Date.

Doppelbanger is a masked woman who appears in the epilogue to the single-page comic Fraternity.

In the epilogue to Fraternity, Doppelbanger consoles the masked heroine Pity Date after Pity Date has been rejected by Wingman. Doppelbanger appears identical to Pity Date and the two women engage in kissing and heavy petting.


In her(?) first appearance Doppelbanger appears identical in appearance to Pity date. However the name "Doppelbanger" is a pun on "doppelganger". A doppelganger is a spirit or being in the form of another person. This implies Doppelbanger is mimicking Pity Date's appearance and is capable of taking on other forms like other beings in the Oglaf universe are capable of doing (i.e. Shapeshifters, WIZAARD!, the giraffopede, the nymph from Prince Rodgar, the monster in The Weeping Woods, et cetera,). It is also possible that Doppelbanger is merely Pity Date's identical twin and is not capable of altering her form at all.