Dwarves from Cavalcade of Wonders

First appearance

The Obituator™

Dwarves in the Oglaf world are best known for their brilliant craftsmanship, their enthusiatic descriptions of their own handiwork, and the crazed look in their eyes. The trouble is that most dwarven-crafted items tend to have features that might more accurately be described as drawbacks. Dwarves made their first appearance in The Obituator™

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Dwarves stand knee-high to a typical human male. They have wide-set eyes, gapped teeth in their enormous mouths, and tend to be mostly bald with various tufts of hair on the tops of their heads. Unlike traditional dwarves, they do not have beards.


Dwarves posses brilliant craftsmanship and have invented countless artifacts, usually with questionable features or purposes. They are extremely eccentric and not very intelligent. They could typically be described as crazy. They also seem to have a big fondness for cocks.


While it is not known if dwarves even have a sexual preference (no female dwarves have yet been identified), they seem to have a thorough knowledge of human sexuality, to the point of being obsessed with it.

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