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Also, Elves

Elf is a humanoid species with long, slender bodies and pointy ears. They have yet only been featured in one story for certain, Also, Elves.

Also elves

This is the only page yet that elves appear in for certain. Also, Elves

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Elves are humanoids with pointy ears. All the elves in Also, Elves had pale skin and had a long and slender body type. Their hair differs in color and type. Blonde, brown and pink and both straight and very wavy hair is seen.


The elves mostly seems to dress in earthy colors such as green and brown. The type of clothing seems to vary greatly. Examples of garments seen worn by the elves include tunics, robes, boots and several others. Many have some kind of headwear too, such as headbands, caps and crowns. Whilst some keep it in braids and some have it loose, they all have long hair.


Elves apparently have individuals with royal titles in their tribes which indicates a hierarchic society. They carry bows and swords. It is not known if these are only used for rituals or also for hunting and/or battle. In Also, Elves elves are seen performing a ritual where they are going to bury their prince alive where an arrow lands. It is not known why they are going to bury the prince alive and if this is common practice. It also not known if they have similar rituals when they bury other elves or whether they bury other elves at all.


The elves from Also, Elves live in the forest. Since a platform is seen around a tree high up from the ground it can be assumed that they have their houses in the treetops.

Other kinds of elvesEdit

It is not clear whether the elves in Also, Elves is the only kinds of elves in the Oglaf universe. Other characters with elvish attributes has been seen, such as Sandoval. Sandoval has a long, slender body and pointy ears and could therefore be expected to be some kind of elf. He does however have a completely different skin color than the elves in Also, Elves. It is possible that he would belong to another race of elves that just has not been mentioned in the comics.

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