This page serves as a list and categorization of different kinds of species that has appeared in Oglaf. The content on this page is solely based on observation.



Typical group of humans from Magic Fish.

  • Human - Human is the most frequently featured species in the Oglaf comics, with a wide range of characters belonging to the species.
  • Neanderthal - Neanderthals appeared in The Burning Jewels of Death.
  • Succubus - Mythological being featured in Cumsprite (story) and One Hundred Tiny Eyes.
  • Zombie - Zombies, or zombie-like creatures, were seen in Rigor Mortis.
  • Shapeshifter - Shapeshifters have been featured on several occasions.
  • Gnome - Gnomes are featured in Bad Falcon.
  • Elf - Elves have been featured in Also, Elves. It is possible that other characters are in fact elves.
  • Analogy - Even though the analogy for analogies itself is a giraffopede, all other analogies seems to be humanoids. The most famous example is the Snow Queen.

Typical Dwarves from Cavalcade of Wonders

  • Dwarf - Dwarves are frequently featured in Oglaf.
  • Minotaur - A Minotaur is featured in Skein. Another appears in Battledress.
  • Some kind of nymph with lots of tentacles is featured in Arts of Romance.
  • Some kind of humanoid woman that has wings and a very non-solid body was featured in Glove.
  • Changeling - Changelings are seen on several occasions in Oglaf.
  • Some kind of purplish, blob-like humanoids were featured in Human Women.
  • Yeti - Yetis appear on several occasions in Oglaf.
  • Sea witches - A story about sea witches is told in Salty Tales. It not is clear whether it is just made up.
  • A tribe of humanoids from the Land of Indulgence with colorful skin is featured in Felicity.
  • The hospital staff in the Mistress' palace are humanoids, but since they called Ivan by the name "mammal" it is indicated that they are not actually mammals themself.
  • Vampire - Several vampires are seen. The most famous one is Navaan.
  • A nymph-like creature with shapeshifting abilities is featured in Prince Rodgar.
  • A sink-hole dwelling creature who invites a false corpse of Navaan back to his lair to lay eggs in the epilogue of Prophylaxis.
  • Naiad (water nymph) - Three naiads in the form of beautiful blue women appear in Naiads before getting their water stolen.
  • Hobbits - Hobbits are seen in Ornithology.
  • Chasm imps - These demonic skeletal humanoids, capable of nerve flaying their opponents, appear in Rift of Despair.
  • Goblin - Goblins (or orcs) appear in Ron the Brawler.
  • Skeleton - A bleeding skeleton appears in Bascinet.
  • Various humans and humanoids in the civilised empires of The Heel of Empire
  • Mummies appear in Yummy Mummies.

Non-humanoid mammalsEdit


A monkey humping a human in Atonement.


  • Gibbon - A "birthday gibbon" wearing a fez is featured in Atonement (see mouse-over text).

Even-toed ungulatesEdit



A deer and a hare in The Kindly Hunter.


Odd-toed ungulatesEdit

Horse animalsEdit




A fox from Brackenwife.

  • Wolf - Wolves are featured in Son of Kronar and are mentioned in Wolf!.
  • Dog - A dog is seen in Sharks vs. Jets.
  • Fox - A fox that can speak human language is a recurring character.

Cat animalsEdit

  • Cat - A cat is featured in Adult Education.
  • Ocelot - A man gives his reasons for having sex with an ocelot in Hot Dots.
  • Tiger - Even though no tigers are featured in Oglaf, it is clear that there exist tigers in the Oglaf universe, since Ivan is dressed up as one in Chastening.



  • Badger - A badger is featured in Badger.
  • Wolverine - A wolverine is featured in Badger.
  • A large weasel like creature is featured in Sensual Burlap.




  • Mole - Not directly shown. Navaan is shown enjoying a nice game of Whack-a-Mole (with copious amounts of blood splatter) in Sideshow.


  • Sperm whale - A large white sperm whale appears in Ahoy!.



A falcon from Bad Falcon.




A four-eyed spider from 8 Legs of Love.


  • Bee - Bees are mentioned in Lapis Lazuli and one is seen in Stamen.
  • Praying Mantis - A pair of praying mantises negotiate for sex in Bugfuck.



  • Frog - Frogs are seen on several occasions in Oglaf.



A speaking fish from Magic Fish.

  • Magic fish - Magic Fish features a fish that can speak human language.
  • Ghost shark - Ghosts of sharks were mentioned in How They Get You.
  • Angler Fish - Anthropomorphic angler fish appear in the epilogue of Bugfuck.


  • In Skulls! a kind of worm with a spine and a mouth but with no skull was featured.
  • Lubeworm - A lubeworm is seen in Infffirmary.
  • "Doctor" Navaan uses leeches on her patients.


  • The Mistress had a monster that was introduced in Blanket but was later killed in Shaft.
  • A hairy kind of monster with horns is featured in Beot.
  • A shapeshifting three-eyed monster is featured in The Weeping Woods.
  • Griffin - Griffins are mentioned in the Nocturnal Adventures of Sir Coffee.
  • A bipedal mammalian monster resembling a theropod dinosaur is featured in Overbite.
  • A twelved legged beast that never sleeps is featured in Failsafe.
  • Bog beast - At least one bog beast is featured in Rite of Passage.
  • Owlbear (half owl, half bear) - An owlbear appears in Owlbear.
  • Dragon - A dragon appears in The Lonely Mountain.
  • A Cthulhu-like mind flayer appears in Descent.
  • Drider (a centaur like creature with a woman's torso attached to a giant spider body) - Driders appear in Battledress.
  • A eldritch abomination made of penises appears in Perfect Buttocks Now!
  • A monster ressembling a cat in a rabbit costume, called the "King of Bees", appears in Ladder.
  • A Beast-with-at-least-eleven-eyes that never sleeps appears in A Very Deep Chasm.


Magical creaturesEdit


A giraffopede from Atonement.


  • Ent - A tree ent is seen in Stamen. However, this might rather belong to the flora, than the fauna, of the Oglaf universe.


  • A man who is really a fungus in disguise appears in Hypoxia. Technically, this creature does not qualify as fauna.