A Devil Bear from Northerner

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Flatbear is a kind of bear that appear in Oglaf. They have yet only been featured in one story, Northerner.


This is the only page yet that Flatbears appear in. Northerner

About FlatbearsEdit


Flatbears are like their name imply very flat. Except for their extraordinary flatness and that they walk only on their hindlegs they look much like other bears.


A flatbear seems to hunt in order to "consume vicitms". Sometimes the victims can be humans (as in Northerner). It is not clear exactly what consuming a vicitm means, but the flatbear in Northerner was clinging on to a human's back with its mouth around the human's head and it seemed like it had some kind of greater impact on the human's behavior whilst doing that. After they have consumed their victim they will sleep for three weeks.


According to a man in Northerner "They blow in on the northerlies".

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