Fountain of Girl
Title Fountain of Girl
Pages 2
Rating Mild nudity - It's like we're not really dedicated to the idea of porn
Simon the Wanderer

Fountain of Girl is a two-page Oglaf story featuring Ponce de Leon, his assistant, and their mule.



Ponce's assistant transforms

On day 2945 of their quest, Ponce de Leon and his assistant encounter another well. The assistant samples the water from the well and is instantly transformed into a beautiful young blonde woman in a white bikini. Ponce, believing he has finally found the fountain of youth, also drinks from the fountain, and is tranformed into an identical young blonde woman in a white bikini.

Ponce writes in her journal that she has found the fountain of girl and declares that she will begin a new quest for the fountain of cock.

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Ponce de Leon writes in a journal "Day 2945." 2,945 days is about 8 years, 23 days, which may indicate how long they've been on their current adventure. After transforming into a girl, de Leon writes "Is there a Fountain of Cock? I shall make that my new quest." De Leon and his assistant have not been seen since.


Fountain of Girl