Morag the Immortal meets the funworm in Rise of the Funsnake.

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Bellows (eyes only), Rise of the Funsnake

The funworm (also funsnake or fungod) was a demonic god of fun and fakery that appeared in the form of a cheap parade costume. The funworm first appeared as glowing eyes in a doorway in the Oglaf strip Bellows but did not appear fully until Rise of the Funsnake. The funworm was apparently killed by Navaan in the story Deincarnation.

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The funworm was a demonic god housed in an arena in the tunnels below the pavilion of the fun cult, where human sacrifices were to be offered to the it on All Fools' Night. The most favoured sacrifices were monks of the Temple of Luck, and by The Fire of God only a handful remained (the lucky ones!).

The warrioress Morag the Immortal volunteered to help find the "funpire" plaguing the temple of luck. Following agents of the cult of fun back to the fun pavilion, she issued a challenge to them and was led down to the arena where she encountered the funworm. Morag was unable to resist the powerful hallucinogenic pheromones emitted by funworm, and her body was devoured by the beast, leaving only her head.

Meanwhile, Greir had begun to investigate the disappearances at the temple of luck and captured Navaan, believing her to be the "funpire". As Greir interogated her, Navaan revealed that she noticed two of the temple of luck statues were in fact agents in disguise. One of the agents was captured by Greir and forced to reveal the fun cult's plan to sacrifice the priests of the temple of luck. Greir then left to investigate the fun pavilion.

Using her lips, Morag was able to drag her disembodied head back to the temple of luck where she was able to recount her experience with the funworm with the help of Navaan and a luck priest acting as surrogate lungs. The captured fun cult agent, amused by Morag's story, revealed that the funworm was immune to normal weapons.

Independantly, Greir (by beating a fun pavilion accountant) and Navaan (by seducing the fun cult agent) discovered the existance of the curly sword, a suposed magic sword that could defeat the funworm. However, the fun cult agent then revealed to Navaan that the curly sword was a ruse to fool the cult's enemies, and would not harm the funworm either, and that only fake weapons would be effective on the funworm. Greir, not knowing this, attempted to slay the funworm with the curly sword, failed and was captured.

Greir was tied to a pole along with the remaining monks of the temple of luck. She requested to be tied to the pole face first so the funworm could kiss her arse. Facing the pole Greir was able to climb it to free herself. She then freed the luck temple monks and attempted to escape with them, but was overcome by the powerful pheromones of the funworm before she could escape. As the funworm was about to devour Greir, Navaan arrived with a fake sword she had made of cardboard and glitter. Navaan was also overcome by the funworm's pheromones, but the brief distraction caused by Navaan allowed Greir to regain her senses and attack the funworm with the fake sword, severely wounding it. Navaan was then able to kill the monster using a fake death.


As the god of fakes the funworm did not appear as a flesh and blood being or animal, but instead took the form of a long snake like or dragon like parade costume complete with legs of several men appearing underneath.


As the god of fakes the funworm could not be harmed by real weapons. When Morag the Immortal faced off against it, her sword merely broke on the funworm's head. Similarly, Greir's attempt to slay the funworm with the curly sword also failed.

The funworm also had the ability to control its followers and victims by emitting a halluncinogenic pheromone that produced a state of euphoria in those affected by it. The pheromone was powerful enough that even Greir was unable to resist it.


While being a god of fakes made the funworm invulnerable to real weapons, it also made it vulnerable to fake ones. In Deincarnation Greir was able to seriously harm the funworm with a fake sword made from cardboard and glitter and Navaan was able to kill it using a fake death.

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  • The head of the funworm bears a more than passing resemblance to the head of H.R. Puffinstuff. This may or may not be coincidental.