God, as he appears in Bitter Fruit.


God, El, Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai, Lord, Jehovah, The God of Reverse Psychology



First appearance

Bitter Fruit

A character, referring to himself as God, appears in several comics. He represents a parody of the God of the Genesis and the Old Testament. He appears as an old man, with white hair and beard that form into curls. Sometimes he floats in a cloud, but can also walk as a human on Earth. He wears a long skirt that leaves his chest and shoulders exposed.

While a similar character appears in Assorted Fruits of Wrath delivering divine justice, the first unequivocal appearance is in the comic Bitter Fruit, in which as "the God of Reverse Psychology", he gets angry, then forgives Adam and Eve.

In Leverage, two priests use his hatred of anal sex (and slugs) to extract concessions, and in Parenting he accidentally floods the world.