A wand golem as seen in Cavalcade of Wonders



A Golem, is an artificial creature, usually with human like form, created from non-living matter through magical means.

List of Golems in the Oglaf UniverseEdit

Wand GolemEdit

Created by the Dwarves, this golem was created entirely from magic wands. The purpose of this golem is unknown, but the dwarves delighted in the fact it was capable of shooting fire and shit everywhere. Appearances: Cavalcade of Wonders

Jelly GolemEdit

An attraction at the Fools Week carnival, this golem made of green jelly in the form of a bald and naked women was used in wrestling bouts against patrons of the carnival. Navaan wrestled with the golem and lost. Appearances: Diversions, Sideshow

Ice GolemEdit

An army of ice golems was created by a mage to protect the frost sapphire. Because the golems degraded over time, the mage gave them the ability to reproduce sexually. However, this plan was thwarted by Vanka when she introduced the golems to pornography. With their sexual desire misdirected by the pornography, the golems failed the breed with each other and degraded without producing offspring, allowing Vanka to steal the frost sapphire unopposed. Appearances: Cryophilia

Chess Playing GolemEdit


Chess playing golem

Created by the Dwaves, this golem is supposed to be able to play chess, but gets angry and knocks over the board after only one move. It also plays the piano to win! Appearances: The Automaton