Gorek, also called Gorek the Magnanimous, is a king who first appeared as the titular character in the story Gorek the Magnanimous.

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Gorek the Magnanimous serves as a good summary of Gorek's background.

Gorek the Magnanimous watched his father slain by the Grey Marauder, and in time, came to forgive the Grey Marauder -- specifically, by stabbing him with the Sword of Friendship. He lives in a "novelty" skull castle, the irony of which is lost on some. He seems to behave like a brutal tyrant, but apparently he's doing it ironically.

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  • Oglaftweet004

    Tweet from January 11, 2013

    Gorek has been confused with The king from Skulls! on this wiki in the past, but was confirmed to be a separate character by the creators of Oglaf in a tweet on January 11, 2013.