Title In
Pages 3
Rating Safe
Publication date January 31, 2011
Night of Shame
Dawn of the Slut

In, is a three-page Oglaf story featuring Ivan and the Lizard of Guilt.


(Continuing from Night of Shame) Ivan knocks at the gate of Vanorva. The nervous guards begin heating some cold oil and ask Ivan if he is a virgin. Ivan lies and says he is not. One of the guards, named Lars, tries to stir the oil and the caldron holding the oil tips over, dumping him and the jellied oil in a heap beside Ivan. Lars asks to be let back in to the city.  When the other guard asks if Ivan is still outside, Lars lies to his comrade due to his fear of Ivan, when the gate is opened, Ivan pushes his way past the guards and runs into the city. The guards then post a poster warning the citizens of Vanorva about the "slut" (Ivan).

Trivia / Insane fan-theory Edit

In frame 2 of page 3 of this strip, Ivan crosses his arms in front of his chest, while Lars is being questioned by the guards inside Vanorva's gate, regarding whether he is 'still there'. While his slient gesture is probably just an appeal to Lars not to speak of him, it is curiously similar to a gesture used by certain LARPers to indicate an invisible or obscured state. Perhaps Ivan does have some innate skill at magic, and Lars actually could not see him due to this posture being a somatic (gesture/posture) component of a spell of an obfusticating nature. It has been stated by the creators that Ivan has learned no magic during his apprenticeship, but it might be that Mistress' "thing for him" is based on some unknown quality or talent as yet undisclosed.

Given the fact that the creators of Oglaf are deeply familiar with the minutia of gaming this may be an homage, reference, or 'easter egg'.

Or, it could just be coincidence/common gesture.

Alt textsEdit

Page 1

"virgin oil"
"'traveller here for the monsters' who?"

Page 2

"you know we do monsters mail-order, right?"
"when purchasing cauldrons, consider ergonomics"

Page 3

"the slutboard gets used at last"
"do not make sudden moves near the slut. He may think you're hitting on him."