In the Oglaf universe there are several beings that represent various concepts or phenomena:

Birthday GibbonEdit

Appears as a white gibbon wearing a red fez. The Birthday Gibbon appears to enjoy sodomizing people on their birthdays. Appearances: Atonement

Easy AnswersEdit

Easy Answers appears as a gruff older man occupying an answer booth. As his name suggests, he will give straight forward answers to questions given to him. Appearances: Atonement


Appearing as a pleasent looking man of African decent, Enlightenment speaks in metaphors of inscrutable wisdom. His home is the Sauna of Enlightenment. Appearances: Justice



The giraffopede explaining what he or she is in Atonement.

Main article: Giraffopede

The allegory for allegory itself, the giraffopede normally appears as a giraffe's head with its long neck doubling as a catapillar like body. The giraffopede is also able to take other forms, including that of a young woman and a more abstract form. The giraffopede often speaks in bizarre metaphors and tries to encourage others to do the same.


Appearing as a woman with long plaited brown hair, Hope seems to enjoy making love in precarious posistions (i.e. atop a tippy tower of furniture). Appearances: Atonement


Appears as a stern hooded middle-aged man. Appearances: Atonement


The personification of justice, Justice appears as a blindfolded woman. In her only appearance thus far, she is bound and appears to be masochistic, insisting that the man from Retribution should urinate on her. Her home is the Oubliette of Justice. She has a guant middle-aged gentleman as her servant. Appearances: Justice

Nostalgia and RegretEdit

Taking the form of two young women, it has not been shown yet which is Nostalgia and which is Regret. Appearances: Atonement

Love SkullEdit

Appearing as a jawless human skull wearing a flower wreath, the love skull presumably represents love, but torments lovers on Obligation Day instead. Appearances: Obligation Day

Snow QueenEdit

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

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The personification of winter, the Snow Queen appears as a beautiful young woman who must be sexually satified in order for winter to end. Her home is the Boudoir of the Snow Queen, and she is attended by yetis.