While most stories in Oglaf are single "one offs", larger story arcs consisting of multiple weekly stories also occur. The following is a list of story arcs that have appeared in Oglaf. The names of the arcs used here are mainly for reference, and are not necessarily the names used officially by the creators of Oglaf.

Quest For the Fountain of YouthEdit

Ponce de Leon and his assistant search for the mythical Fountain of Youth, but encounter other fountains instead. On day 2945 they discover The Fountain of Girl which transforms them (and their mule) into identical young women. Ponce decides to make her next quest a search for the Fountain of Cock.

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Snow QueenEdit

The Snow Queen must be sexually satisfied before she can sleep and allow for spring to arrive. Several men try to please her, but fail due to incapability to stand how cold she is. Greir finally manages wearing a strap-on. The Snow Queen is later given a vibrator by the dwarves, which she can use to please herself whenever it is time for spring.

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Ivan is kidnapped by the changlings and produces several cumsprites to inform the Mistress of his predicament. At first the Mistress refuses to pay the changlings' ransom, but as she encounters more and more of Ivan's cumsprites, she relents. Ivan is returned and becomes the Mistress's apprentice again after the tragic death of his replacement.

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Sandoval has Ivan brought to him at a party Ivan is forbidden to attend and tricks Ivan into consuming a poisoned cake from Xoan. He then attempts to force Ivan to perform fellatio on him by pouring the antidote on his penis. Ivan is caught by the Mistress, but succumbs to the poison before she can punish him. As the doctors work on Ivan in the infirmary, Sandoval confides that the antidote was also poisoned.

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The Immaculate CityEdit

Under the influence of the Incense of Bad Decissions, the Mistress gives all her "crap" tributes to Ivan. Ivan accidentally activates the Arrow of Regret, causing the deaths of several guards and the Mistress's beloved pet monster. Wishing to buy a replacement monster before the Mistress finds out, Ivan travels to the nearby city of Vanorva, a city of virgins that only virgins can see. While there, he is captured by Navaan, a vampire working to kidnap virgins from the city so they can be slaughtered by her "friends". In spite of the influence of the Felicia potion, Ivan manages to escape from the vampires. He is then captured by the Mistress's guards. The Mistress has Ivan shot with the Arrow of Regret, putting him in a state of magical sleep. Meanwhile, Navaan seduces a youth in Vanorva. When he loses his virginity to her (and her of him) the city disappears.

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An angry man wishes to avenge the death of his parents by destroying winter. After he unsuccessfully attacks the Snow Queen, the Snow Queen gives him directions to the Oubliette of Justice. The man then encounters several metaphorical/allegorical beings of the Oglaf universe, including the Giraffopede, who directs him to Easy Answers, who informs him that his parents faked their own deaths to get away from him. The man returns to the Snow Queen to apologize, but is ambushed by the Birthday Gibbon.

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Something or someone is apparently killing the monks of the Temple of Luck. Greir refuses to help them and Morag the Immortal is reduced to only her head by an unknown entity. A drunken Greir later comes to the temple and examines one of the bodies. She then captures Navaan, whom she believes is the "Funpire". Navaan points out a pair of spies in the temple and Greir captures one and learns from him that the "dead" monks have actually been captured by the fun cult. Greir leaves to investigate the fun cult. Morag returns, dragging her head back to the temple using her lips, and informs Navaan and the monks of her encounter with the funworm, a god of fun and fakery to whom the fun cult is sacrificing the monks. Greir infiltrates the fun pavilion and obtains the curly sword, a sword that is supposedly able to kill the funworm. Navaan seduces the captured fun cult agent and learns that the curly sword is a ruse and will not kill the funworm, and that the funworm can only be harmed by a fake weapon. As this is going on, Greir attacks the funworm with the curly sword, fails, and is captured. Greir is sent to the arena to be sacrificed with the remaining monks, but manages to free herself and the monks. The funworm uses its pheromones on Greir (putting her in a state of euphoria) and prepares to devour her.  Navaan arrives with a fake sword made of cardboard and glitter and Greir uses the fake weapon to seriously injure the funworm. Navaan then uses a fake death taken from the fun cult agent to kill the funworm.


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