Lizard of Guilt
The Lizard of Guilt torments Ivan in Shaft


Lizard of Guilt





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The Lizard of Guilt, is a chameleon like lizard that first appeared in Shaft. The lizard was killed in its first appearance, but immediately returned as a ghost.

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The Lizard of Guilt in its first appearance in Shaft


The lizard of guilt was initially given to the Mistress as a tribute. Under the influence of the Incence of Bad Decisions, the Mistress ordered all of her crap tributes to be given to Ivan, and so the lizard was given to him. When Ivan accidentally initiated a series of deaths with the arrow of regret, the lizard began shouting out Ivan's guilt, forcing Ivan to dispose of it by throwing it out of a window. The lizard quickly returned as a ghost however, and continued to torment Ivan.

The lizard attempted to induce guilt on various people around the Mistress's castle in Night of Shame, but discovered that it was either not able to be seen or was being completely ignored by them. With no one else to torment, the lizard decided to follow Ivan to the city of Vanorva, because Ivan was the only person who paid any attention to it.


The lizard left alone at the end of Albatross

Upon returning from Vanorva, Ivan was put in the Mistress's dungeon to be tortured. When the Mistress asked Ivan to think about the reasons why he should be executed, the lizard began tormenting Ivan with ridiculous suggestions of what he should confess to. This caused Ivan to shout at the lizard that it had a one-note life and should not dump its inane shit on him. Because she could not see or hear the lizard, the Mistress thought Ivan was shouting at her, and immediately had Ivan shot with the arrow of regret, placing him in a magical sleep. With no one else to torment, the lizard of guilt was left alone, bemoaning its own guilt.


As its name suggests, the lizard of guilt compulsively attempts to make others around it feel guilty. In Albatross the lizard seems to take particular delight in  giving ridiculous suggestions to Ivan as to what he should confess to. When deprived of the opportunity to torment others the lizard seems to be unhappy. It is most likely that the lizard has a strong need for the attention of others. When Ivan is shot with the arrow of regret the lizard is genuinely distressed, possibly due to Ivan being its only companion.


The Lizard of Guilt strongly resembles a chameleon, but has toes more like a regular lizard—not webbed together as a chameleon's are. Its skin is a purple-grey, although it appears greenish in Lassie and Albatross. When alive, the lizard of guilt had pale orange eyes with small pupils. As a ghost the lizard's eyes appear white and are pupiless, but appear yellow in Lassie and Albatross.

It should be noted that the plush Lizard of Guilt available in the Oglaf online store is green with yellow eyes. This may explain the shift in the lizard's colouration in its later appearances.

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