The Mistress as she is first seen in Cumsprite, sitting in her throne


"The Mistress"



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The Mistress is Ivan's master. She is a sorceress and appears to be extremely sadistic. She appeared for the first time in the very first Oglaf story, Cumsprite. It has been confirmed that "Mistress" is the Mistress's actual name by the authors on their Twitter account.

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The Mistress is dominant, has high self-esteem, and is very sadistic. She doesn't think twice about the value of other people's lives or feelings. If somebody is to die or be punished, she would rather see it done with creativity and suffering. She is impulsive and capricious, willing to spare one's life if they give her a gift she fancies or if the circumstances just happen to be right.



The Mistress very first appearance.

The Mistress is slender and has relatively small breasts. Her hair is ginger and very long. She keeps her hair in a wide variety of different hairstyles, sometimes with horns as in Cumsprite and sometimes without as in Albatross; they are a 'mark of sorcery'. She wears very revealing clothing that consists, at most, of long boots, a tiny thong, a small bra or pasties, a necklace, and long gloves or sleeves.

She is usually depicted with her eyes closed or bedroom eyes.

She also has a habit of matching whatever room she's currently in, a tendency that has been lampshaded by the writers in the epilogue of Emancipation: when Mistress has suddenly swapped to a completely different outfit that matches her decor, the alt-text reads "Why is this room so green? Fetch my green outfit."

Political InfluenceEdit

The Mistress is also very politically affluent, with foreign emmissaries frequently addressing her throne with gifts, assassins, and other forms of tribute. It is never really discussed, but she seems to have a large amount of political sway in the world.


She is likely bisexual. Though a majority of her sexual partners or slaves are male, she is shown kissing a female partner in Masquerade. She finds it pleasant to torture men in sexual ways, but she also keeps a large staff of female guards in very revealing uniforms. She might also be an exhibitionist, considering her choice of clothing. She is clearly very sadistic, with a number of her fetishes involving the death or humiliation of her partner(s).



The Mistress teleporting away Ivan's cock to another location in the castle in Cockhunt.

The Mistress appears to be a skilled sorceress, if we infer from the number of people who seem to be under her control. However, there have been two instances of Mistress performing magic without the aid of an enchanted object or creature. The first was in Cockhunt when she spirited away Ivan's cock. The second occurred in Undercroft when she closed the entrance to the catacombs which Ivan used to leave the castle. She has enchanted Ivan's semen so it produces Cumsprites, but it is not known how. It seems the Mistress relies on magical artifacts and animals, than on her own magic abilities.

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