The Mistress' mark on Ivan's chest.

Guard with mistress mark

The Mistress' mark on the chest of a palace guard.


The Mistress' mark on a book held by a former apprentice.


Ivan decides to become an soccerer's apprentice in Some Time Ago....

The Mistress' mark is a mark that represents the Mistress' regime. Everyone that the Mistress 'owns', such as Ivan and all the palace guards have the Mistress' mark on their chest below their left collar bone. It can also be found on parts of the palace, items in the palace or things representative for the Mistress. The name has been confirmed on the authors Twitter account.

On the official Twitter account, Trudy has stated that if Mistress dies, those who bear the mark will die as well.

The mark appears to represent a horned head (similar to the headgear of the Mistress and her apprentices). The authors have confirmed that horns are the mark of sorcery.


  • The Mistress' mark is also the icon for
  • The Mistress' mark may represent a hooded clitoris.