Monks of the Temple of Luck
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The Monks of the Temple of Luck are a collective group of recuring characters appearing in Oglaf beginning with the story The Rogue's Arsenal. They are significant characters in the Funpire/Funworm story arc. So far none of the monks have been named.

The first appearance of the monks was in The Rogue's Arsenal where an unspecified monk assists Greir in transporting the captured Vanka. This same monk later approaches Greir requesting help in Curse of the Funpire. Other members of the order are shown at the end of the story. The main details of the order are revealed in The Fire of God and its epilogue, and the monks are specifically referred to as "monks from the Temple of Luck" in Prophylaxis.

About the Monks of the Temple of LuckEdit

The monks of the Temple of Luck do not worship any god or other magical being. They believe the world came about by chance, so they worship luck. This belief goes so far that the monks spun a wheel of fortune to determine aspects of their religion, including the wearing of cassocks and celibacy as their signature quirk.

Funpire/Funworm Story ArcEdit

In the Funpire/Fumworm story arc the monks act primarily as the victims of the fun cult in need of help from Morag the Immortal, Greir, and Navaan. They carry out some tasks for Navaan and Morag, such as completing Navaan's act of fellatio for her (albeit reluctantly) and blowing through Morag's trachea to allow her to speak..

At least four of the monks were eaten by the funworm. In Curse of the Funpire a monk tells Greir that six monks had been found dead, naked, with huge smiles on their faces, meaning six monks had been abducted by the fun cult, but only two monks were rescued at the end of Deincarnation. One monk was shown being eaten by the funworm in Funstrike.


Each of the monks appears to be a young man in his late teens or early twenties. Each monk wears a tan or light brown hooded cassock (as dictated by a spin of a wheel of fortune) with a sleeveless tabbard and wears a long chain around his neck with a die as a pendant.


The sexuallity of the monks is uncertain. The order is sworn to celibacy because this was chosen as their signature quirk by a wheel of fortune. However, at least one monk has had fellatio performed on him by Navaan, which the other monks did not consider suspicious behaviour. Another monk, despite being reluctant to do so, did perform fellatio on a fun cult agent when told to (and deputized) by Navaan. Also, two other monks have engaged in homosexual kissing while under the influence of pheromones emitted by the funworm.

List of appearancesEdit

(Note: As a group, this list includes appearances of any various monks of the Temple of Luck. It is not a list of appearances of any one particular individual.)



Monk with a different pendant.

  • When initially published The Rogue's Arsenal depicted the monk travelling with Greir having a cresent shaped pendant. The artwork was later corrected to change the pendant to a die as depicted in later stories.