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Morag the Immortal

Morag the Immortal first appears as the titular character in the strip Morag the Immortal. She is a follower of the deceased god Sithrak, whom she is bound to serve for all eternity.

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Morag is an elite warrior of the deceased god Sithrak, and is bound to serve him for all eternity. After the death of Sithrak, Morag chose a path she thought would match her fallen god's wishes. Her choice was to fight for any church and creed and to serve the pious against the ungodly, doing so for many centuries.

In The Fire of God Morag agreed to help the monks of the Temple of Luck find the "funpire" preying upon them, in spite of the fact they served no actual god. As revealed in Bellows Morag followed the culprits to the fun pavilion and challenged them. She was led to an arena where she encountered the funworm, a demon god disguised as group of men in a cheap parade costume. The funworm devoured Morag`s body, leaving just her head.


Morag is a warrior who will fight for any church or creed, even the Temple of Luck. She is also extremely determined, demonstrated when she was able to drag herself back to the Temple of Luck by her lips after being reduced to just her head.



Morag the Immortal

Morag the Immortal appears to be a tall and slender, yet muscular, middle aged woman in her mid forties, although she is actually many centuries old. Her near constant expression is one of grim determination, and regal bearing. Like the other elite warriors of Sithrak, Morag is normally fully dressed in bronze (possibly gold) armour, although currently she no longer uses it, since right now she is only a head.

Morag reduced to just her head.


Morag's sexuality has not been revealed yet.


Morag's main ability is her immortality. So far she has been depicted being impaled through the abdomen by one of her fellow immortals without shedding blood, and continues to survive despite being reduced to only her head. As an elite warrior of Sithrak, Morag is also an expert fighter. Morag has also shown herself to be highly determined as she was able to drag herself back to the Temple of Luck after losing her body using only her lips

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When asked on Twitter if Morag's body could be retrieved from the body of the funworm on July 15, 2012, Bodil Bodilson replied "Alas not! Morag's body is long gone."

Did I mention she is now just a head?