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Proctor in his store, taunting a customer in Caveat Emptor





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Caveat Emptor

Proctor is a trap-maker introduced in Caveat Emptor. He used to have a store called Proctor & Sons Deadly Traps, but due to all of his customers dying from his traps he had to close the store.

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Proctor outfitted his own store with deadly traps so that potential customers would have to survive his store in order to be able to purchase anything. In Caveat Emptor he is very proud to state that no customer had ever left his store alive. Due to this he ends up closing the store.

After closing his store, Proctor attempted to support himself via hunting. While successful in trapping a deer, his trap included dropping a multi-ton boulder on the deer, oblitterating it, thereby rendering it unusable as food. Proctor's then attempted gathering berries, but was hampered by his paranoia that something as easy to gather as berries must be a trap.

On Proctor's shop sign, it clearly states Proctor & Sons Deadly Traps with the "s" at the end of "Sons" x-ed out and the "& Son" crossed out, which implies that Mr. Proctor likely once ran his shop with more than one of his sons and some or many of them died (possibly in the traps) prior to the final one(s) dying.

Proctor 2

The Proctor & Sons Deadly Traps sign at the time of the comic.


Proctor's traps on the way to the cashier's desk include both swinging pendulum-style blades and circular spinning blades, arrows, some manner of spikes in the floor, and an unspecified device that causes the target to burst into flames.

It is not specified if there are traps from the cashier's desk to the door, though the fact that the pictured customer managed to acquire an armload of traps without being killed suggests that there were not traps set up from the door to the salesfloor or on the salesfloor itself.

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