Noblesse Obligee
Title Noblesse Obligee
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Noblesse Obligee is a single-page Oglaf story, parodying the legend of King Arthur. It only contains one unnamed, non-recurring character. It is mildly NSFW for nudity and sexual reference.


A man finds a sword in a stone, beside a sign saying that whoever draws the sword from the stone will be king. The man draws the sword, a magical light shines upon him and he is immediately crowned. Then, after looking at the hole from which he drew the sword, he puts down the sword and begins humping the hole. The magical light shines on him again. In the final panel he is still in the same place but now has a long beard (the fact that his pose and expression are still the same suggest that he may be not only stuck but also immobilized), and the sign now says that whoever draws the king from the stone will win a sword.


"just stick your old sword in the stone- whoever pulls it out will get your previous job."
"there seem to be a lot of kings in this comic"


  • "Noblesse Obligee" comes from the French and translates as "Nobility Obliges". Its traditional meaning is that members of the nobility should act honourably. Humping a magic stone is not honourable behaviour for example.


Noblesse Obligee