Oglaf's first appearance in Suddenly, Oglaf.





First appearance

Suddenly, Oglaf

Oglaf is the shepherd after whom the comic is named. He is also, according to his magical semen, The Chosen One. What "The Chosen One" means is not clear and he did not make an appearance since the story Adult Education until The Rudiments, a gap of many years. It has however been confirmed several times by the authors that they have not abandoned this character and that he will have a role later on.

About OglafEdit


Oglaf is a shepherd, and for what we know about him, he has with all likeliness been brought up to be a shepherd. It is unlikely that he went to school or had had any heavier education since he can't read. In the story Suddenly, Oglaf his penis did, without warning, get a heavy erection and squirted out semen forming the words "You are The Chosen One" in the air. He was not able to read or understand them though. Since then his semen has formed the word for what he has been looking at every time he ejaculates.


Oglaf seems to have a quite jolly mindset and doesn't seem to be the slightest bit of shy. At least not on a sexual level, since he happily runs around showing his penis and masturbates in front of the goat girl.


Oglaf has dark brown hair and is quite skinny. He wears clothes in a beige color scale with fluffy bits that probably are made out of wool. He also seems to have a quite big penis.


Not much is know about Oglaf's sexuality, though he appears to be attracted to women (or at least the Goat Girl). In the story Adult Education when the Goat Girl asks him to spell her name with his semen, he looks so intently at her tits that his semen writes "TITS" instead of her name (unless of course, her name actually would be Tits). In The Rudiments he makes out with the Goat Girl, then has "penis-vagina penetration" followed by full sex. In Haystacks he accepts her proposal of sex ("cuddling [his] dick with [her] vagina", which he distinguishes from sex under Goat Girl's misconceptions), and blushes when she kisses him. In both of these occasions they explode.

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and after a gap of Eight or more years