Title Owlbear
Pages 1
Rating -
Publication date July 15, 2013
Fully Fleshed

Owlbear is a single-page Oglaf story.


A couple of adventurers are trapped in a cave by an owlbear. Unable to escape the couple decide to defeat the owlbear by outbreeding it. However the owlbear's unsexy words ruin the mood.



"The owl part is wise, the bear bit doesn't care"


"It's everyone's favourite chimera, til the crocoduck shows up"


  • Owlbears are a magical cross between and owl and a bear that first appeared in an expansion for the game Dungeons & Dragons in 1975. It has been in every addition of the game since. When one considers the predatory features of the owl and bear arcanely fused into a single, 3m. body, it's understandable why this arcane alpha-predator has become an archetypal monster in fantasy gaming.
  • A creature possessing features from more than one species is correctly referenced as a 'chimera'. The classical (Greek) monster 'the Chimera' {which, oddly, translates to 'She-Goat') is a unique monster portrayed as a Lion, with a goat's head protruding from it's back and a lethally venomous snake in place of it's tail. Other examples of 'chimerical' creatures from classical antiquity might be the Persian lamassu, or shedu, and the Egyptian sphinx. Modern genetics has embraced the term to refer to a single organism composed of cells from distinct genotypes.
  • The crocoduck is an imaginary creature first presented as an argument against evolutionary theory by young earth creationist Kirk Cameron during a "debate" in 2007. The crocoduck is now widely embraced by many as a symbol of young earth creationist ignorance of the basic principles of evolution.