Pity date 1

Pity Date attempting to console Wingman

Pity Date is a masked woman who appears in the single-page comic Fraternity.

Though she only appears for an instant, her association with Wingman and his association with Mistertique suggests that she may be involved in the same style of activities/shenanigans as they are.

She appears to attempt to console Wingman when he is turned away from participating in picking up women, though he immediately tells her to "piss off."  It is unknown if she would have offered him a pity date had she been given the opportunity.

In the epilogue Pity Date is upset after her rejection by Wingman and is approached by Doppelbanger, another hero/heroine capable of assuming a form identical to hers (or perhaps her identical twin), and the two women make out.

Though the comic is titled "Fraternity," the three characters seem to have no particular relationship.


Much like Mistertique and Wingman, Pity Date wears a mask.  She is also seen in a pinkish corset with a short purplish skirt that puffs out around her.

In addition, she wears either thigh-high stockings or thigh-high boots (her feet are never shown) and she has long hair that appears very curly.

As she is only seen in two panels of this single comic and in its epilogue, it is unknown if, like Mistertique, her outfit occasionally changes.