Ponce de Leon
Ponce de Leon as he is first seen in Fountain of Doubt, drinking water from a fountain.


Ponce de Leon


Originally male, now female

First appearance

Fountain of Doubt


Ponce de Leon and his assistant drinking water from fountain of doubt.


Ponce de Leon as (s)he looks like after drinking from fountain of girl.

Ponce de Leon and his assistant are travelers who are searching for the magical fountains. He has not had an appearance in Oglaf since Fountain of Girl.

About Ponce de LeonEdit


At the time the story Fountain of Girl takes place Ponce de Leon and his assistant had been traveling, probably in search for the fountain of youth, for 2945 days (over 8 years). At the 2945th day he, his assistant and their mule drank water of fountain of girl and all transformed into young blonde girls. After this he wrote in his Journal that his new quest would be finding the fountain of cock.


Prior to Fountain of Girl Ponce de Leon was a tall and skinny man, with green-blue hair and beard. After his transformation (s)he got long blonde hair and a curvy female body.


Not much is known about Ponce de Leon's sexuality. He does however write in his journal after being transformed into a girl "Am saddened to have this experience without a cock."

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  • Ponce de Leon is loosely based on the historical figure Juan Ponce de León, Spanish explorer and first governor of Puerto Rico, who is fabled to have searched for the Fountain of Youth during his explorations of Florida.