Princess fatherfucker

Princess Fatherfucker holding hands with and speaking to Captain Cockstink.

Princess Fatherfucker was a young woman featured in the single-page comic Branding.

Not her birthname, the woman was called "Princess Fatherfucker" sometime during her life by an Appellomancer, or name wizard, after which point this became her name.

Though she indicates that she had not had sexual relations with her father prior to the Appellomancer renaming her, she admits that a sexual relationship with her father had begun "because of the name."

Whether it is a condition of an Appellomancer's power that the individual given a name lives it out or if some people simply choose to live up to their new names is unknown.

During the comic she is seen speaking with the man who later becomes Captain Cockstink.  He seems to be attempting to woo her.


In her one appearance, Princess Fatherfucker is shown wearing a brown dress with some sort of white ruffle at the bust and long white sleeves.

She has long, slightly wavy blonde hair and wears a thin strand necklace with a small pendant.