Puzzle vagina woman

Puzzle Vagina Woman from Puzzlecunt

The Puzzle Vagina Woman is a woman who attempts to confound Mistertique by suggesting he does not have the ability to "solve" her "puzzle vagina," which appears to be a penis in the single page comic Puzzlecunt.

As of the end of the Puzzlecunt comic, Mistertique appears to be still attempting to solve the woman's puzzle vagina, though he remains confident he will solve it.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Puzzle Vagina Woman has long, slightly wavy brown hair and an almost bored expression.  She is a trans woman with a penis.

She wears a pink, mostly sleeveless dress and a dark pink or red choker necklace with a gold medallion of some type on it.

She acts quite confident as she is not at all phased by Mistertique's antics.

Possible Other AppearancesEdit

The Puzzle Vagina woman bears a physical similarity to the woman leaning on King Blowjob's throne in the second half of the Gifted 2 two-page comic.  The obvious differences being a dress with sleeves, a necklace without a medallion, and a slightly larger bust.

However, this may simply be a matter of coincidental similarity in appearance.