Rally Round the White Flag
Title Rally Round the White Flag
Pages 2
Rating -
Extra -
Publication date February 22, 2015
The Yoke
The Virgin Cobbler

Rally Round the White Flag, is a two-page Oglaf story.

Synopsis Edit


Hygelac berates a camp staffmember.

Two armies face each other. One is a barbarian army from the North. But before battle is joined the Barbarians are shown an advert for how great the POW camps are. "Surrender Camp" has a pool, great food and just about as much sex as a Viking can handle. But is it true? Let's ask Hygelac; he escaped the POW camp last week. What did he think of a being in a camp full of beautiful women?

Alt-text Edit

"Launder your white flag before surrender to save confusion"
"unskippable pre-battle advertising sucks"
"we shall fight on the beaches, through volleyball "
"The Geneva convention requires us to provide clothes. You can take them off, though."

Trivia Edit

Hygelac was a King of the Geats (modern day southern Sweden) and appears as the uncle of Beowulf in the epic poem. He died in battle during a raid on Frisia in about 516.

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Rally 'round the White Flag