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Sandoval, usually just refered to as the Xoan Ambassador, is an Ambassador for the Nation of Xoan. He spends a lot of time in the Mistress's palace and seems to have a good relationship with her. Most of his stories revolve around tormenting Ivan in order to gain sexual favors.

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Sandoval is a humanoid with blue-toned skin and very long ears. Except for his extraordinary ears and blue skin pigment, his anatomy appears to be like a human's. His ears may be an implication that he is some kind of elf. However he does not resemble the Elves in Also, Elves.

He has long, straight blue hair and dresses extravagantly.


Sandoval is extremely eccentric and a bit of a drama queen. Like Mistress, he delights in treating those beneath him as sexual playthings. He enjoys a multitude of fetishes and sexual games, including the addition of possible death to his partners (as shown in Premature Requiem and Lament). He is also very nonchalant about his actions, threats, and their outcomes.


Sandoval seems to be omnisexual. He clearly has a sexual affection for Ivan, and on several instances has tried to convince or trick Ivan into having sex with him. In Infffirmary, there are at least two other male patients who are clutching Sandoval's lockets from Premature Requiem. This hints that Sandoval has similarily tricked others for sexual favors in exchange for poison antidotes. However, he does not seem to be averse to sexual relations with women, and generally seems more interested in the seduction aspect than pursuing any sort of relationship. In Croquembouche, he has even expressed genuine sexual interest in a fancy dessert.

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Sandoval has his own fanpage on Facebook.