Sexual Cavalry
Sexual cavalry

First appearance

Sexual Cavalry

Sexual Cavalry first appear in the story Sexual Cavalry. Their role appears to be helping people with sexual problems. They can hear cries for help from a (presumably) great distance and travel with almost instantaneous speed to help the needy. Despite these powers, their methods of assistance are rather simplistic: They try to distract a premature ejaculator with difficult math problems, optical illusions and pictures. When their methods fail they help his unsatisfied partner by fucking her on the spot.

They seem to take their job very seriously and are genuinely saddened when they fail to help the premature ejaculator. This sadness quickly turns into joy as they proceed to help his partner.

All in all there are at least four members. It is currently unknown whether there are any more or not.

Appearance and symbolsEdit

Sexual Cavalry's official uniform consists only of a skin-tight pair of pink low-cut pants, long fringed pink gloves, and a pink beret-like hat with their symbol. One of them (perhaps the leader) also wears pink arm bands. The uniform is the same for both men and women. Bright pink is their main color and appears on their clothing, flags, and horse barding.

Their symbol is a thick, long and pinkish arrow, penetrating a tight and thick circle of similar color. Their motto is "Ever Inward". Their flag is bright pink, with their symbol in the middle, below the first and above last word of their motto.

They ride into action on horses, carrying their flag. Their headquarters, or what could be considered as such, has a standard medieval fortified wall with parapets suited for archers.