Shapeshifters from their first Oglaf appearance in King-Shaped.

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Shapeshifter is a race in the Oglaf universe with the ability to tranform into any shape. They first appeared in the story King-Shaped.

About ShapeshiftersEdit


In their own form, they are vaguely humanoid, largely featureless pinkish-orange blobs with the ability to take on any other shape. Occasionally to their own detriment, as even they can't tell whether or not someone is another shapeshifter (although they seem able to tell one another apart when not transformed). Despite their shapeshifting abilities, they seem to be killable by the same methods that kill normal humans. Upon death, they revert back to their true shape.


Shapeshifters do not seem to be too bright and almost always reveal themselves with their dim understanding of human nature. Examples of the shapeshifters' lacking human knowledge include when a shapeshifter belived that human women have inflatable breasts that ejaculate upon orgasm in Fresh Horses. Another example is in Reward when a shapeshifter failed to understand Greir's sarcasm and believed that she literally wanted a "voluptuous woman whose head is a bag of gold" when she stated that she could accept that payment for saving a village.

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