Sir Knight
Sir Knight as he is seen in Invincible Shield Maiden





First appearance

Invincible Shield Maiden

Sir Knight is a minor character who has appeared in several single episodes of Oglaf. Note that Sir Knight's name is not actually known. Sir Knight appears to be a knight errant who is always seen in the middle of various random quests. Of the several knights who have appeared in Oglaf, Sir Knight is the most frequently recurring.

About Sir KnightEdit


Sir Knight is physically tall and well-built, although his features are a little on the generic side, with a bulbous nose and tiny round eyes. He wears a full chain-mail shirt and leggings, topped with a white tunic bearing a device that appears to represent a green or black dragon, and a helmet with a chain-mail coif. He has not yet been seen without this helm. Like a proper knight, he carries a sword and a green shield.


Sir Knight seems mostly interested in women, to an opportunistic degree: his first thought upon hearing about the Invincible Shield Maiden in Invincible Shield Maiden was to have sex with her, and he became even more excited when he could feel his own cock inside himself while he fucked her. He was likewise too delighted with the fuckable statues in Pork Chisel to hear their pleas for help.

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