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First Appearance

The Fire of God

Sithrak, also known as The Blind Gibberer is a god, now deceased, first mentioned in the story The Fire of God. Sithrak is currently known to be followed by two groups, the Immortals, and the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer.

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Sithrak is first mentioned by Morag the Immortal in the story The Fire of God, who tells the Monks of the Temple of Luck she had decided to fight for any church and make war for the pious against the ungodly after Sithrak's death and has done so for centuries, implying Sithrak's death to have occurred hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years in the past.

According to the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer, Sithrak waits in the afterlife to torture all people, bad or good, for all of eternity. Sithrak doesn't deny writing the text they go off of, but claims he was angry when he wrote it and that it is just teen poetry.

The death of Sithrak is depicted in The Throne of Heaven, where Sithrak is shown being blinded and thrown from heaven by an army of pottery warriors brought to the afterlife by a wicked ruler. However, the depiction is then revealed to be a story in a comic book created by the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer, rendering its authenticity as highly dubious.


The Immortals and the Doomsayers seem to differ greatly on Sithrak's personality. While Morag was inspired to become a holy warrior, seeing it as best matching what she thought were Sithrak's wishes, implying Sithrak to be an honourable god, the Doomsayers describe Sithrak as an angry and insane god who hates all people unconditionally.

According to Trudy Cooper regarding the differences in the Doomsayers' version of Sithrak:

"... yes, it's the same Sithrak. Or at least the same god - they're schisms who disagree on what/who Sithrak is/was. Morag's lot view the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer as heretics."

Sithrak is the author of The Book of Dismay, written with the blood of his enemies on the skins of his friends, in which he indeed promises unconditional torment in the afterlife as the Doomsayers believe. However, when one of the Doomsayers met Sithrak in the afterlife in Outreach, Sithrak informed him that he was pretty angry when he wrote it, that it was just teen poetry, and he was surprised anybody was still reading it. Sithrak then restored the Doomsayer to life, telling him to tell his cult-mates not to worry, suggesting his personality is more in line with what the Immortals believe. However, the Doomsayer returns and tells his colleague that while Sithrak told him this, it must be just another plot to torture people with and thus confirming their own belief even in the face of direct evidence.



An effigy of Sithrak

Sithrak manifests as a large being with a flaming skeletal head with large nails forced into the eye-sockets with enough force to crack the surrounding bone. It is possible these nails were the cause of his death.

The Doomsayers of the Blind Gibberer carry a demonic skull similarly blinded with nails mounted on a staff as an effigy of Sithrak.


Sithrak's abilities are largely unknown, except for his ability to bestow immortality on his elite warriors. This benefit was retained by the Immortals after Sithrak's death and is so complete that Morag the Immortal was able to survive the loss of her entire body when it was eaten by the funworm.

Sithrak was also able to restore one of the Doomsayers of the Blind Gibberer to life after he had been killed by an arrow.

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