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Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is an over-natural humanoid that seems to be winter personified. For the spring to arrive the Snow Queen has to be sexually satisfied. It doesn't seem to be possible to kill her, at least not by normal means, since she took being stabbed by a sword for foreplay in "Justice."

The Snow Queen lives alone in a boudoir made of ice and snow, attended by yetis. While she herself clearly is not a malevolent being, and is in fact quite amiable, her physical coldness makes her dangerous to would-be lovers, and when she is not sleeping, her nearby area is permanently enveloped by winter.

About the Snow QueenEdit


The Snow Queen makes her first appearance in "Snow Queen", in which the hazards of interaction between frozen females and tongues are explored.

In "Snowbound", a snow-choked village sends one of their own, Ari, to satisfy the Snow Queen, thus ending the long winter. However, copulating with such an entity requires a certain amount of ... endurance.

After Ari's failure, the Snow Queen bewails her lack of fulfilment while the nearby village is forced to place a bounty which Greir arrives in Meltwater to obtain. Greir is successful in the challenge of satisfying the Snow Queen, and departs with the promised reward of 1,000 gold.

This encounter, however, does not leave The Snow Queen to sleep peacefully. She reappears in Solstice after a dream of Greir reawakens her.


The Snow Queen seems to try to act professionally, always greeting visitors with the same line ("Welcome, traveler, to the boudoir of the Snow Queen") as she has probably been taught by someone (possibly the Yetis). However, it is very clear that she behind this thin façade is very naïve and emotional. She is also kind and doesn't seem to want anyone any harm. She felt very sorry for Ari in "Snowbound," seems to have developed strong affection for Greir and is always trying to be nice and helpful towards the avenger from Justice. She also seems to enjoy drinking tea.



The Snow Queen waking up non-winter time in the second page of Solstice. This is the only time she has been seen without her hairdress.

The Snow Queen is a slender but voluptuous woman with glittering, pale blue skin. Impervious to cold, she wears only a white loincloth, a midriff-baring sleeved jacket (a shrug/bolero), and a long headdress adorned with icy stars. Since she is usually wearing a headdress, her hair has only been seen once in the story Solstice. Her hair is short, pale blonde, and a bit tousled (most likely due to bedhead, given that we only see her hair immediately after she wakes up). During non-winter time she apparently wears a brown dressing-gown.


The Snow Queen originally seemed to prefer men, and was at first shocked when Greir came to her boudoir to break the winter's curse in "Meltwater." However, she has had at least one very steamy dream about Greir since. Her knowledge of the art of love must be limited, since she took being stabbed by a sword in "Justice" for foreplay.


The Snow Queen has an extraordinarily cold body that will freeze any bare body parts that come in contact with it. She also seems to be winter personified. That means that there always will be winter in the nearby area whilst the Snow Queen is awake. For spring to arrive she has to be put into slumber by being sexually satisfied. It is unclear exactly what geographical area has a climate affected by the Snow Queen, but it is clear that the regional area where her boudoir is located is heavily affected (as seen in "Meltwater") and that it is not the whole world that is affected (as seen in "Atonement").

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