Succubi from Cumsprite

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Ivan oiling a succubus

Ivan oiling the Succubi on order of the Mistress.

Succubus is a race in Oglaf. The only succubi that yet have appeared in Oglaf are held in capture within the Mistress' palace. They appeared for the first time in the very first Oglaf story Cumsprite.

About SuccubiEdit


Succubi are female humanoids with horns and incandescent red skin. Succubi do not have any hair growth on any part of their body except for eyebrows and eyelashes. According to the Mistress they get really dry and need to be oiled with truffle oil twice a day. The Mistress also implies that they are so hot that humans will get blisters upon making skin contact with them.


The succubi in the Mistress' palace are chained to their wrists, which could imply that they would flee otherwise. However, the only thing they have been observed doing in the comic is making out and having sex in front of Ivan.


Succubi appear to enjoy engaging in sexual activity with one another. Since they (as far we know) are all female and have not shown any interest in Ivan at all, we could assume that they are indiscriminate when it comes to sex.

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  • The authors of Oglaf use a picture of the succubi as their profile picture on their Twitter account.
  • In medieval folklore, a succubus is a demon in the form of a human woman (sometimes beautiful, sometimes not) that performs sexual intercourse with men while they sleep, often causing physical or emotional illness over time as the encounters continue. The male version is called an Incubus and performs sexual intercourse with women, often resulting in pregnancy.
  • Succubi and incubi were often used in medieval times as the explanation for nocturnal emissions, illegitimate pregnancies or rapes.