The Bear's Birthday
Title The Bear's Birthday
Pages 16
Rating -
Extra -
Publication date November 22, 2015
The Illusion of Choice

The Bear's Birthday, is a 16 page Oglaf story featuring the Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer. The story is part of the Sithrak Tracts series. Like the other Sithrak Tracts, this story is not part of the regular Oglaf webcomic, but is available in print at the Oglaf Store. It is currently availble as a free preview.


When a terrible bear is attacking people in the forest, the townsfolk assume the bear is angry because they forgot its birthday. The townsfolk throw a surprise birthday party, and are promptly killed and eaten by the bear.

The Doomsayers of The Blind Gibberer spend the rest of the story evangelizing about Sithrak.


Oglaf Store page for Sithrak Tracts