The Dominatrix from Dictum
The Dominatrix confronting a potential lover in Dictum





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The Dominatrix is an unnamed character who first appears in the story Dictum.

About The DominatrixEdit


The Dominatrix is an aggressive and verbally abusive woman who is is obsessed with sexual domination over others. She is so obsessed with sex that in Dictum she is capable of bringing herself to orgasm by imagination alone, without actually engaging in sexual activity with her intended partner. It is ironic that while she seeks to dominate, in sex she rapidly loses control, "squirting" as she reaches orgasm.

Her domineering mindset is extremely intense. She refuses to admit when her partner is giving her sexual pleasure. She also refuses to admit when she is wrong, going so far as to punch a coin that has landed as heads until it switches to her choice of tails.


The Dominatrix is a tall woman, at least six feet tall, with massive thighs and a large chin. She is muscular and broad shouldered. She also has large breasts, which she prominently displays.

She wears her hair in a single long braid emerging from from a spiked skull cap. She wears spiked epaulettes, a leather corset that exposes her breasts, which have pierced nipples and knee high, high-heeled boots that are held up by leather suspenders


At present, the Dominatrix appears to be heterosexual, choosing male partners to be her "slaves". However, she has only been in a small number of stories so far, so this may be subject to change.

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