Two Immortals greet each other in Morag the Immortal

The Immortals are a group of immortal warriors who follow the deceased god Sithrak. Bound to serve Sithrak for all of eternity, and presumably given their immortality by him, each immortal has chosen to follow a path based on what he or she believes would best match Sithrak's wishes after the death of Sithrak.

About the ImmortalsEdit

At present there are three known immortals, although presumably there are others who have not been revealed yet.

Unnamed ImmortalEdit

This immortal first appears in the story Morag the Immortal. It is unknown what path this immortal has decided to follow, but he is known to ambush other immortals and stab them for fun.

Morag the ImmortalEdit

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Morag the Immortal first appears as the titular character in Morag the Immortal. She is an honourable warrior who will fight for any church or creed. At present, Morag has been reduced to only her head after a disasterous encounter with the funworm. She is a very important figure in the Funpire/Funworm story arc.

Otto the ImmortalEdit


Definitely not Otto.

Very little has been revealed about Otto the Immortal, except that he looks absolutely nothing like the guy in the picture to the left.



Immortal armour

Dispite being hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of years old, each immortal appears to be much younger. Because Morag the Immortal appears to be middle aged, while the unnamed immortal who stabs her appears to be in his late 20s or 30s, it can be speculated that each immortal retains the appearance of the age at which he or she first became immortal.

Each immortal wears bronze armour (possibly gold) in an ancient middle eastern style. It is full plate armour with breastplate, pauldrons for the shoulders,vambraces and gauntlets for the forearms and hands, elbow cops, tassets for the hips and greaves for the legs. The head is protected by a conical helmet with a cloth mantle and (possibly only decorative) cheek plates. Their armour is completed with a cloak or sleeveless cote hardy fastened to the armour at the shoulders with cloak pins.