Seagull paladin 1

The Seagull Paladin next to Bogdan Hook-Hand.

Seagull paladin 2

The Seagull Paladin prior to his training.

Though his name is never given in the comic, this man begins his career by approaching the Citadel of Justice and attempting to become a paladin because Bogdan Hook-Hand killed his parents.

The man guarding the door states that what the man wants is revenge, not justice, and so the young man is turned away.

Determined to gain access to the Citadel, the man states that he is "cross that the biggest seagulls get all the bread," which, being a reason to seek justice that he is not personally affected by, gains him entry.

Some time later when he is a paladin, he speaks with Bogdan Hook-Hand when they meet incidentally, but he seems to have lost all interest in revenge.

The man appears both before and after becoming a paladin in the single-page comic Laridae.

Appearance and Possible TasksEdit

Though it is never stated what his tasks are once becoming a paladin, the man's armor, which has a seagull on both the chestplate and the shield, suggests that his duties may have something to do with seagulls.