The Sword Master's Apprentice
Name Unknown
Gender Male
First appearance The Sword Master

The Sword Master's Apprentice is a minor character who appears in The Sword Master and Punching Above Your Weight. He is learning swordsmanship from his master, and appears to benefit greatly from his instruction. In his first appearance, he manages to defeat a hulking opponent through the Master's advice, and he succeeded somewhat in his second appearance when he was tasked with becoming attracted to his next opponent.

About the Sword Master's apprenticeEdit


The Apprentice's sexuality is complicated. He is presumably straight, due to his attraction to two bathing women and his initial unattraction to Lucius Bonecrusher in Punching Above Your Weight, but after a month of masturbatory conditioning, he is now very much attracted to him. This probably only extends to Lucius, but it is clear that he is not only attracted to women anymore.

List of AppearancesEdit